Friday, 3 August 2012

The new car analogy.

A young man walks onto a car yard in the top end of town and is soon approached by an impeccably dressed salesperson.

I'd like to buy a car, he says. The salesperson leads him into the showroom and straight up to a gleaming black 2 door sports sedan. The young mans face broadens to a wry smile, "just to get to and from work", he continues. Ahh comes the salesperson's response, as she leads our young shopper back out to the yard and over to a shiny small blue compact. The young man's smile widens, "It's 600 kilometers each way" he says, pausing just a little between each word. "I see" replies the salesperson undaunted, and beckons the smiling youth to follow her.

Several rows over and a few cars back, sits this years, stock standard 6 cylinder 4 door, in white. The rep makes a bee line to it. What do you think, she asks, "Closer, but I need something that can carry my tool chest." is the mans answer. "Right, right, I've got just the thing, this way then" comes the acknowledgement, as she heads off deeper into the lot, stopping now and then to ensure that the buyer is still with her. Finally she halts beside a late model, low slung, ever so slightly modified Ute.

"Well that will fit all my tools, but it will never get out to the site, what have you got in a 4 wheel drive?" Its the sales rep's turn to smile, at last, she has some direction from the guy. "petrol or diesel?" she fires back at him easily, flashing the pearly whites as she does so. "Diesel, definitely has to be diesel", he answers. "Ok, we have a one tonner over here that might be perfect" she says to him as she heads off once again. "Its not a problem I only have a grand to spend and I've been knocked back twice for credit, is it?" she hears him ask after her, and she thinks, this, this is going to be one, long, day.

Ok so the story is obviously quite contrived and salespeople would bounce a few questions off a prospective customer before giving them any options. But getting some detail before you try for a sale is not what this particular ramble is about. Its apparent that not every car was right for this fellow, and with his last question, its clear that not every customer is right for this car dealer.

News flash. Not every DJ is right for every client or function, and not every client or function, is right for every DJ.

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  1. One additional parallel between selling DJ services and a car dealership - the possibility exists to excite the customer to such an extent that they end up spending more than they had budgeted. The test drive, the new car smell, the free coffee - put the customer in an emotional state of mind and make them want to buy!