Friday 6 September 2013

On Her Day

In December my first child stood facing a man I barely knew and pledged her future to be bound to his. In four weeks time, I give away my second child to the man she wants to share her life with and in six months my third child, will take another man's daughter to be his soul mate for life. My job will be done. I could have done so much better for the three of them, I hope it's enough.

Its come in to a sharper focus, that term, "Giving her away", I get it now. I will hold her hand for a moment as we take that slow sweet walk and when I place it in his, she will no longer be mine. It is as it should be, but it's bitter sweet.

I will spend the day taking care of her needs, doing every thing I can to ward off tears and fears. I will do for her what I done for every client I have had the honour to MC and DJ for; I will watch over her while she is by my side and when she is across the room, I will do my absolute best. I will guide her through the day, and shoulder any of the burdens that may arise so that she will not have to, and I will do so quietly and discreetly so that she will have no stress. I want only joy on her face on that day. I will give her a party that will make her heart sing, and will bring a smile to her, and her guest's face, every time they think back on it. Then when the lights come back on, and the last of the guests have gone, and I'm alone in the hall packing up my equipment. I think I might just cry.

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