Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The three pillars SKILL

These few "Three Pillar" posts are my attempt to answer that initial question put to me: "How do couples find a Great Wedding DJ" and are directed towards those couples who are looking. Now that being said, if you are hoping to become a Great wedding DJ, then perhaps you can get something from the reading too.

SKILL it’s the first of the pillars I mentioned.

All the "Greats", regardless of their field of endeavour have skill. The actual ability to perform their respective "Great" and a Great Wedding DJ (GWD) is no different. The skills that a GWD brings to the table are a unique blend; there are the basic skills, like the ability to use, and setup the equipment they operate. Then there are more advanced skills, reading the room, controlling the flow on the floor, and creating maintaining and modifying a mood. And then, there is the "Great" skill set. LISTEN, ENTERTAIN, & MAINTAIN.

A GWD must listen.

Any wedding vendor that does not listen to their clients is not "Great", and honestly, I don't care if they have initials after their name, or a top floor office, or a luxury car and a Platinum card. If they are not interested in what YOU want, then kick them to the curb, say "Next" and keep looking. They should be asking questions and paying attention to your answers, then asking more questions based on those answers to find a motivation, so they can build a performance that goes to the core of your vision.

For example, I ask my clients to close their eyes and think about their perfect reception, and then give me 3 words that describe the perfect night that they want to achieve. Most will pause a little and normally one of those 3 words turns out to be "Fun". That’s perfect, the night should be fun, it is after all a celebration. BUT, if your wedding DJ doesn’t dig a little deeper, then it’s THEIR idea of fun and not YOURS. See where I'm going with this? If they don’t ask you questions AND then ask more questions acknowledging your answers they are not invested in your wedding, they may be adequate, but we are looking for Great. You want someone who makes the effort to find out what you want and what they need to do to make it happen.

I'll be back with my view on the Entertain and the Maintain parts of Skills soon.

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