Friday 16 September 2011

The pleasant surprise.

You would think, that my age, I would know better than to go on first impressions of a situation.
Last week, on Thursday, I received a phone call from a DJ company in Melbourne asking if I could cover a Wedding on Saturday, as the DJ they had arranged had cancelled at the last minute. I was free and after some back and forth decided that I'd jump in and help out. Then the work sheet arrives and the music selection was peppered with artists and tracks that had all the warning bells going off. I mean really, Slipknot, System of a Down and Smashing Pumpkins? do you want to give your poor old Gran a heart attack during the reception?

We played some party stuff and some top 40 dance stuff, and I threw on a few classic Aussie Rock anthems, all the time dreading the question, "when are we going to hear X". So I eventually built it up to a point where I could slide one of their floor killers on, didn't! they rocked hard! like I said, you think I'd know better. I was pleasantly surprised. Now we didn't mosh the rest of the night, but they all had fun, and no, Gran didn't have that heart attack either. :)

Wednesday 7 September 2011

More Happy couples

Welcome back, and thanks for joining us :)
I had to share this with you, I had the privilege to DJ and MC at Nadine and Kim's Wedding on August 27th and caught up with some old friends. One of the Bridesmaid & Groomsman couples are past clients of mine, and as they had recommended me to Nadine and Kim, I had expected to see them there. But also in the guest list where another couple who had me as their DJ/MC at their wedding back in '08. It was a bit of a laugh as we recognized each other and arranged a group photo of all 3 couples and myself.

Now while its not a rare thing to have another couple at a wedding who have been past clients, I don't recall having a 3rd couple. Except when I've been invited back to DJ/MC at other family members functions. I have a wonderful family I work with who have had me preform at 3 weddings so far, 2 of the daughters and one of the sons, and they still have another daughter and son to go !!.

Sunday 4 September 2011

Got to love modern tech

Just a quick update from my new phone. I love the techie toys. Next addition to the DJ setup should be new DMX light controller and a fancy laser that can draw pictures.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Share the love.

Hello again listeners ( yeah I know )
Well two new developments this week, the first is that my Youtube channels seem to be taking off. There's one for my fellow DJs, where we review each others work and give feedback. Thank you guys and Gals. The second one is for clients to look at past functions and ideas, so they can get a small idea of some of the things we can do to help make their day, THEIR day.

The other development is that I got hit upside the head (lame song reference) yesterday with the paradigm shift: there are as many people using mobile devices to surf the web as there are those using PC's and laptops. Most websites are not optimised for viewing by mobile devices. I know mine currently isnt. Am I missing out on getting my message across to a large section of the DJ curious because of it? hmmm I think so. damn, thats another project to add to the list now.