Wednesday 2 November 2011

The busy, and yes, the silly season

That time of the year is upon us, the two months that I both dread and cherish at the same time. While October is a good month for the guys and gals behind the decks, its November and December where we really earn our stripes.

Weddings rule Novembers calendar, well mine at least. Then there are the school formals and balls, the end of season windups and the usual assorted birthdays and other functions.

December is just as crazy, now the weddings do slow down a bit due to the heat, but every one has work functions and of course end of season events to get to. Then there's new years eve keeping us very very busy, quite a few of the team out and about getting the new year off to a banging start. I'm covering a show that we have done every NYE since 1992, and that Scott has worked since 2000, lucky bloke will be spending it in Times square this year.

Now remember dear viewers, if your planning a bit of a bash your self, source your vendor's now, because its one night that gets booked very early.