Saturday, 13 August 2011

Its been a long time.

What a weird and yet wonderful world you get to gaze upon from behind a DJ desk.

There are moments of extreme joy and happiness, and unfortunately there are also occasions when bad judgement, bad luck or bad planning rear their heads. As a DJ since '89 I've seen most types of functions, I've worked the pubs and clubs, and I've worked the mobile scene too. That's where I'm looking out from at the moment, the mobile side of DJing. I'm loving it, a different crowd every show, with a different beat and a different rhythm. A wedding one show and a school ball the next, one week its a corporate function at the ritzy hotel in the CBD, and another week its a presentation night for a bunch of footy lads in a local shire hall.

I've had slightly unsober bridesmaids barter favours for requests, and very large gentlemen with very short necks ask in firm tones to stop playing particular songs because its making them cry. You get to see people having the time of their lives from my side of the decks, good company, good wine and good song, its a great way to make your way through the world. Drop by often, I plan on telling you all about it.

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