Saturday, 27 August 2011

An interesting twist

I have a young couple who have booked me to act as the MC and DJ at their reception. They have a very clear idea of the mood they want created on the night and we have discussed at length, what methods I have at my disposal to help make that happen. So the time comes for them to meet with their venue and go over the running sheet for the night. The venue is suprised that they have a DJ, and even more suprised that I want to use my own equipment. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem at all, a brief discussion and all should be well in the world. But no, not this time round. This time the venue is opinonated and difficult, an even an expert in MY field as well as his own. There is no allowance for the Bride to be's vision of her night (it is not outrageous or over the top in any way) and there is no need for a running sheet, as they will tell us when each step should happen through out the evening.

Now I know I'm new at this, I've only been at it since '89, but I thought it was a service industry and more importantly, its the Brides night. It appears that the Bride see's it that way too, because we're off to another venue now, and they get "it". Just watching the Bride talk to them over the phone I could see her relaxing and stressing less.

So here's the closing note, and take note please.
ITS THE BRIDES DAY, not the vendors.

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