Friday 26 April 2013

Your Wedding Budget; where do YOU start?

The Wedding Budget

The word Budget comes up a lot when planning a wedding. Some couples don't have one, they get what they need, no more no less. Others without a budget get everything they want, and deal with the expense later.

Most of us however work to a budget, realistic or not, changing plans as we go, we fit within the amount allocated, or we change the amount, and increase the budget :) 

But what is a realistic wedding budget? After all this time assisting with weddings, I still don't have an answer. BUT I do have an approach. There are a myriad of sites online that suggest that you should put aside X% for this and Y% for that. None of which address YOUR wedding, just weddings in general.

So consider looking at Your wedding from the view point of what aspects are the most important to you, down through to those that are the least important. Is the Venue the paramount part of your celebration? Or the photographic/videographic memories? the Gown? the decoration? the entertainment? the Cars or the Cake? What will add the greatest contribution to the overall result you wish to achieve?

That, is where your budget should start being spent. As you work your way down your list, from those vital items to those that you have deemed as having lesser direct impact upon the day you want to achieve. Then those things can be decreased in expense. Invest well in the parts of the wedding YOU see as being important, get quality where it counts, and be frugal on the items that have less impact on your scale.

You do NOT always get what you pay for, but its a pretty good place to start.

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