Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Question

You wouldn't walk into restaurant, and ask "How much for a meal?" and expect a definitive answer. Not without adding some more detail to the request. "We'd like to bring 20 people to your restaurant for dinner on Feb 14th, what would that cost us?" is better, but still won't give the restaurant the ability to work up a bill for you. There are more details to take into consideration, What Items from the menu will be chosen? Will you ask for an entree and/or desert? If so how many of the guests will indulge? Coffee? Alcohol? A private room or the main dining area? The list can be quite comprehensive before the final amount is settled upon. Yes, some restaurants will offer pre-determined packages, with set prices to make this process easier. But it will come at some cost to the personalisation of the dining experience.

Now what has this got to do with the View from behind the decks? Let me reword those questions above, quoted from emails I've received this week.

"How much for a DJ?" thats it, that's all she wrote, literally. Now, this is not the regular way that people ask for a quote from me, but it has happened.

"We are getting married on Feb 14th at XYZ Restaurant and would like you to DJ, what will that cost us?" is another example, of a recent quote request.

The entertainment at your wedding is not, SHOULD NOT, be a prepackaged fast food Burger, Fries and a Soft drink. There is a world of gastronomic delights waiting for you on the buffet of ambiance. Customised entries, love stories, dancing on clouds, mood lighting, MCing duties, memorable moments, personal touches, creative garter and bouquet events are just some of the thousands of options that can be brought to the table.

So next time you, or some one you know is looking for a service provider, give them some real detail or better yet, give them some of your time, so they can give you some detail. Together the Bride & Groom and the right Wedding Entertainment Specialist, can create a feast for the senses.

Wedding Entertainment Specialists no longer just slap a CD on the barbie. Bon appetit.

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